Welcome to the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office Department of Corrections.

The Corrections Division of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office is commanded by Captain Trae Barfield and is responsible for the care, custody and control of the inmates housed at the Chilton County Jail. The facility is a 180 bed facility which houses local, county and state inmates of both pre-trial and convicted status. The jail is staffed by 23 highly trained correctional professionals.

Line Officers and First-line Supervisors work 12 hour shifts for 24 hour coverage. Jail staff utilize state of the art video surveillance system, telephones, intercoms, computerized jail management and fingerprint system.

Inmates are received and released 24 hours a day 365 days per year from the facility, located at 301 City Street Clanton, Al. 35045. Inmate care provided includes on site medical. General Population inmates are allotted one 30 minute visit per week. Disciplinary action or classification may affect visitation and/or telephone privileges. The inmate commissary and telephone systems are provided by outside vendors.

Chilton County Jail

301 City Street

Clanton, Al. 35045

Phone # (205) 755-1053
Fax # Bonding (205) 280-1580
Fax # Booking (205) 755-1011

Medical Needs

Unless it is an emergency, all medical and dental care is administered by the jail clinic. Our healthcare provider will refer inmates with more special needs to the appropriate healthcare facility.