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K-9 Training

Jefferson County Sheriff Office hosted the Chilton County Sheriff K-9 and Clanton Police Department K-9 Units along with many dog teams from across the state of Alabama as they attended the Central Alabama K-9 Conference and Police Dog Trials. This yearly training certifies both the dogs and their handlers in many specialties including explosives, narcotics detection, and tracking/apprehension.

During the conference the handlers and their K-9 partners are put through vigorous courses to test their abilities to work together as one unit while reaching the end goal safely. Several classes were held on narcotic detection, tracking, and K-9 first aid.

All Chilton County Sheriff Office and Clanton Police Department k-9 units including Chilton County Sheriff Office Corporal Corry McCartney with K-9 Traffic (narcotics detection/tracking), Captain Ken Harmon with Justice (explosive detection), Lieutenant Erick Smitherman with Scout (Narcotics detection/tracking) Clanton Police Department Captain David Clackley with Max (narcotics detection/tracking) and Detective Jason Harris with Spirit (narcotics detection) completed and passed their yearly certifications.

The teams were proud to show off their skills in competitions in narcotics detection and tracking, with Chilton County Sheriff Office Corporal Corry McCartney and his partner Traffic winning the tracking competition.

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Women's Self Defense Class Sept. 8, 2018

Please see the attached link and answer the 5 questions below to register for the women’s self defense class, held September 8, 2018.
This course will be hosted by the Chilton County YMCA, Clanton Police Department and The Chilton County Sheriff’s Office.

The purpose of the Women’s Self Defense Course is to educate and teach basic self-defense to females in our community. The session will start with a basic self-defense and awareness followed by some Self Defense basics. We will progress through striking, kicking, some basic escapes and human targeting.

The class will be held at the YMCA starting at 8:30am to 1:00 pm on Sept. 8, 2018. Applicants receive a certificate of completion.

The class will be limited to females 16 years of age and older

The cost for this course is $5.00 dollars.

Attire for attendees is gym style clothing and NO Jewelry.

The Instructor for the course will be David Hicks with the City of Clanton Police Department.
Officer Hicks is certified in PPCT, Sexual Harassment & Rape Prevention, Control Force and
Survival Force.
If you have any questions please contact Capt Ken Harmon @ 205-351-2145 or ken.harmon@chiltoncountyso.org.

Sign up Sheet:



Drug Arrest


07/19/2018, at approximately 8:30 PM. Chilton County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, along with Jemison Police Department, responded to a report of a male subject barking like a dog and rolling around on the ground at an address on Chilton County Road 8 near Jemison. Upon arrival deputies located a male subject rolling around on the ground barking like a dog in the woods behind a known drug house. EMS checked the male and it was determined that he was having a reaction to a drug known as liquid G or GHB. The residence was checked for other occupants who may have also been experiencing a drug overdose. Several subjects were located in the home, many of them holding felony warrants. Drugs were located in the house including: meth,marijuana, and GHB.  A total of 9 arrests were made on drug charges from the residence.

These arrests were made by excellent teamwork from the two agencies. We are in the fight against drugs day in and day out. In addition to these arrest there were 11 other unrelated arrests on various charges throughout the entire day on Thursday. Most of all, if you see something, say something!



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Residential Burglary

This morning at approximately 9am, Sheriff's Deputies responded to County Rd 203 on a report of a Residential  Burglary and Suspicious Vehicle. While Deputies were responding, a second call was received from the property owner stating 2 males had came to the property in an attempt to remove the vehicle,  which the owner believed to contain items taken during the Burglary. An altercation occurred between the property owner and the two males, during which, shots were fired by the property owner. When Deputies arrived, two males were located with gunshot wounds. West Chilton Fire and RPS Ambulance responded and both males were determined to be deceased. Initial investigation does indicate that a Burglary had taken place at the residence and that the suspicious vehicle reported by the property owner is connected to that Burglary.  The investigation is ongoing. Based on evidence located at the scene, Investigators do believe additional suspects and an additional vehicle were involved in the Burglary.  Anyone having additional information is asked to contact the Sheriff's Office.

Happy 4th of July



4th of July Message from the Sheriff

The Chilton County Sheriff’s Office wishes you and your family an exciting and safe 4th of July holiday. The 4th of July holiday is a celebration of our becoming independent as a country on July 4th, 1776.

Remember that fireworks can pose a fire and safety hazard to those who use them. Use caution when shooting fireworks, and be sure to follow these recommended safety tips from CPSC.gov:

Never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks.
Avoid buying fireworks that are packaged in brown paper because this is often a sign that the fireworks were made for professional displays and that they could pose a danger to consumers.
Never point or throw fireworks at another person.
Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose handy in case of fire or other mishap.
After fireworks complete their burning, douse the spent device with plenty of water from a bucket or hose before discarding it to prevent a trash fire.
For anyone who is traveling this 4th of July , remember to always wear your seat belt and never drink and drive – instead, call a designated driver to get you home safely. Not only do you risk your life when you drive impaired, you are putting the other drivers you share the roadway with at risk, too.

The Chilton County  Sheriff’s Office wishes everyone a fun and safe 4th of July!


Sheriff John Shearon

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6-19-2018 Burglary of a local business



Just before midnight on 6-19-2018 a local business was burglarized. Surveillance captured three white males around the business. One of the males picked up a rock and shattered a glass window, two of the males then made entry into the business. While inside the business they gathered up several items, which included cigars, small amount of cash and various other items. The three males then left the store in what appears a Dodge charger or Dodge Challenger. We need help identifying the subject and the vehicle. Anyone having information on this case please contacts the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office at 205-755-4698.


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Church Members learn gun Safety




This past weekend we had the pleasure of holding a firearms class for Mineral Springs Baptist Church Safety Team. The team learned about the safe handling and use of firearms during high stress situations.

We are always happy to teach these types of classes. The more people that are trained with use of firearms the safer we all are. Knowledge is power!

Please contact us if you would like private class your organization. We hope to have a public class very soon.


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Sex Offenders Arrested during Sorna Compliance Check




Throughout the last week of May 2018, Investigator Derrick Bone conducted nightly sex offender compliance checks within Chilton County. During the checks Investigator Bone found five sex offenders to be in violation of the Sex Offender Regulation and Notification Act (SORNA).

On 5-22-2018 James Edward Benjamin was stopped for a traffic violation and was arrested for Sorna Violation, during the traffic stop a controlled substance was also found. Along with the Sorna Violation Benjamin was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia, illegal possession of prescription pills, and open container.

5-23-2018 Paul Hamilton Tucker was arrested for a bond revocation, this was from two separate Sorna Violations within Chilton County.

5-24-2018 Daniel Everett Whitehead was arrested for Probation Violation on sodomy 1st out of Shelby Co., he was transferred to Shelby Co. Jail.

Investigator Bone has signed warrants on Dustin Christopher Smith for 2 Sorna Violations. Smith moved without notifying Investigator Bone.

Warrants have also been issued on Jeffery Windell Defee for 2 Sorna Violations for moving without notifying Investigator Bone.

The last known address for Smith and Defee was on 40 County Road 374 Clanton, Al.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Smith or Deffee, please notify the Sheriff’s Office. You can submit anonymous tips on our page or call our Crime Tips Hotline (205-755-7898).

I would like to thank Investigator Bone for his tireless efforts in coordinating these checks. We continue to fight all types of crimes throughout Chilton County and Investigator Bone does a fantastic job managing the 160 sex offenders we have here.

If Dustin or Jeffery are reading this, you have been warned. We are not only searching for the two of you here, we have friends everywhere that have your pictures and know exactly what you look like. Turn yourselves in or we will find you.

Sheriff John Shearon


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Recovery of Stolen Property



Special Thanks to Keith and Kenneth Graham.



The Chilton County Sheriff’s Office has closed two significant Burglary/Theft cases in the last week.

On 05/23/2018 a Burglary/Theft of a residence and outbuilding was reported in the 2000 block of County Rd 43.  Investigators responded to that scene and collected evidence and information about the property stolen.  On 05/24/2018 Deputies from the Patrol Division were following up on the possible location of a stolen motorcycle from a separate case on County Rd 878.  While on County Rd 878 Deputies located and recovered the stolen motorcycle but also observed items consistent with those stolen in the County Rd 43 Burglary.  Investigators responded to County Rd 878. Deputies and Investigators searched a large area of property on County Rd 878 until 3:00am.  We were able to locate a stolen tractor, several implements for the tractor, a stolen utility trailer, a stolen washer and dryer, and numerous power and hand tools that were stolen from County Rd 43.  Based on evidence found at the scene of the original Burglary and evidence found during the recovery of the stolen property on County Rd 878, Lt Lee Falkner arrested Richard Elton Fairley and Brandon James Moore for Burglary 3rd Degree and Theft of Property 1st Degree. Fairley was also charged with Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance and Promoting Prison Contraband for attempting to bring Methamphetamine into the jail.  On 05/27/2018 residents in the area of the 600 block of County Rd 227 reported finding all terrain vehicles stuck on their property that did not belong to them.  County Rd 227 and 878 are approx a mile apart. Deputies and Investigators responded to that location and determined that a Polaris ATV and a Bad Boy Buggy found on the property were also stolen from the County Rd 43 Burglary on 05/23/2018.  The land owners and Deputies spent several hours recovering the ATV’s from a swampy area off the road.  The landowners, Keith and Kenneth Graham, provided their assistance and their tractor to help recover the property. We would like to personally thank them on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office and the owner of the stolen property.  In this case we were able to return in excess of $60,000 in stolen property back to the rightful owner.

On 05/29/2018 a Burglary/Theft and multiple Breaking and Entering of Motor Vehicles was reported in the 5000 block of County Rd 76.  In that case a Chevrolet truck, numerous power tools, firearms, jewelry and clothing were reported stolen.  At approx 1225 on 05/29/2018 Investigator Rodney Hurst observed the stolen Chevrolet truck on County Rd 97 near Providence Baptist Church.  Inv Hurst was able to stop the vehicle near the Providence cemetery and detained (4) four individuals in the truck.  After further investigation, Investigators located (6) six stolen firearms, an air rifle, jewelry, clothing and keys taken during the Burglary/Theft on County Rd 76 in the vehicle.  After conducting interviews with individuals in the vehicle, Investigators were able to recover an air compressor, water pump, and band saw that had already been sold at a separate location.  Investigators charged Joshua Eugean Bean, James Ryan Little, David Ryan Smith, and Misty Lynn Bruner with two counts of Burglary 3rd Degree, Theft of Property 1st Degree, Theft of Property 4th Degree and Unlawful Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle. In this case we were able to return approx $20,000 in stolen property back to the rightful owner.  Investigators have also forwarded a copy of this case to ATF and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for review and possible prosecution under Federal Law for Felon in Possession of Firearm.  Anytime we can partner with Federal law enforcement agencies to take repeat offenders out of our community we do so.

Our Investigators work every day to investigate these crimes and to return as much property to the rightful owners as possible.  The national average for clearance by arrest on Burglary is 13.1 %.  In 2018 we have cleared approx. 30% of our Burglary cases by arrest.  More than twice the national average.  We strive to close as many cases as time and manpower allow and to return the victim’s property that they worked hard for.


Sheriff John Shearon





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*******Update******Missing Person Jeremy Todd Wilson





Jeremy Todd Wilson

Anyone with information on this case please contact Lt. Lee Falkner at 205-755-4698 or via email lee.falkner@chiltoncountyso.org. Mr. Wilson has family who desperately wants to find him.

Jeremy is 5’04” tall, weighs 140lb Green eyes and brown hair. Date of birth 10-01-1981. Jeremy was last seen walking on County Road 448 in Clanton; Al. on Sunday February 7, 2016 around 3:00pm. Jeremy was last seen wearing an Alabama Hoodie, Blue Jeans, black and white nike shoes and a gray under armour hat. If you have seen Jeremy please notify the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office at 205-755-4698.



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