Community Relations/School Resource Officer (CRO/SRO)



The Chilton County Sheriff’s Office proudly provides a variety of educational school programs to the youth in our community.  Our school programs are designed to be of the most benefit to all ages ranging from Kindergarten through 12th grade and have been integrated into various schools’ health curriculum. These classes are available not only to our public and private schools but home schools as well.


Kindergarten – 5th Grade

 The Elementary age programs are developed towards teaching young children about personal safety, distinguishing right from wrong and about Gun Safety.




5th – 8th Grade

 The Middle School program is designed to teach youth about general everyday life skills. The majority of the program is taught using AIMS multimedia videos provided through Discovery Education and through a face to face interactive discussion forum. Topics covered in this program may include the following:




9th – 12th Grade

 The High School program, consists of teaching today’s youth that they have the ability and the power to make good choices in regards to situations they may encounter in everyday life as a teen. These teachings are presented via lectures, videos and interactive classroom participation. Participants are taught to set their own personal boundaries in regards to drugs, alcohol, date rape, dating violence and sexual assault prevention self confidence, self discipline, and courage. Then they are allowed to practice enforcing those teachings through active role-playing. And open forum discussions.