Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for the investigation of crimes reported in Chilton County. Currently, the Criminal Investigations Division is supervised by Lieutenant Shane Lockhart who is responsible for the overall operation of the unit. There are four full-time Criminal Investigators who are responsible for the follow-up of the cases received.

Most often, Criminal Investigators investigate cases that are initiated by members of the Patrol Division. Cases are prioritized for assignment by crime type and seriousness. A case where leads exist usually results in a clearance and very often the clearance of multiple crimes. Many times the suspect of one crime is also responsible for others.

Every victim feels that his or her case is a serious crime. All cases received are investigated and we utilize all the best and current practices in an effort to solve all cases received. We, however, must prioritize our case-load dependant upon a number of factors such as the type of crime, the number of leads, solvability factor, and whether it is a property crime or a violent crime.

Members of the Criminal Investigations Division are available Monday through Friday and are available after hours to assist the Patrol Division should they need expertise, guidance, or assistance. On major cases, Criminal Investigators will come in to work during their off-duty hours to handle investigations requiring immediate attention.