Chilton County SO Tactical Unit Wins State Competition

Nov - 05 2013

The Chilton County Tactical Unit spent the week of October 28th-31st in Orange Beach at the annual Alabama Tactical Officer’s Association(ATOA) Conference. During this time team members attended training sessions during the day that included, Advanced Sniper, Tactical Medic, Bus Assault, Breaching, and Team Commander. At night the team competed in events designed to test the teams abilities. Events included and Ironman competion, Sniper initiated house assault, 6 man-two gun relay and a Bus assault. After all events had concluded the Chilton County SO team had accumulated the most points and walked away with the Top S.W.A.T. Team honors in Alabama. The ATOA started hosting competions in 2005 and Chilton County has now one 4 of the 9.

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